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Dedicated to you

At Spine Colorado, we strive to offer you the best patient experience and results possible.

Our practice is defined by a seamless patient experience, the most advanced technologies and methods, staying active in research, and close collaboration with your health care team.

Our Mission

Spine Colorado utilizes a multidisciplinary approach, clinical protocols, the highest training available for specialists, and the most advanced, clinically-proven treatments available to ensure that patients have the best outcome possible.

Your Experience Matters


A great experience begins with streamlined, convenient booking. Simply call (970) 382-9500 and we’ll set you up with the soonest appointment available.


In treatments, we follow proven, protocol-driven approaches — always starting with the most conservative options first.


To keep everyone on the same page, we work closely with your primary care provider, physical therapist, and any other healthcare professionals as needed.


To ensure our patients are receiving outstanding care, we use a national survey tool to monitor their satisfaction. We review this feedback often, and take your suggestions seriously. 


This survey assesses your satisfaction in the following areas:





Wait times



Our History — Over 20 Years of Care and Innovation

For more than 20 years, Spine Colorado has been the trusted provider for orthopedic spine care in the Four Corners region. 


Spine Colorado was originally founded in 2000 as a partnership within Durango Orthopedic Associates, offering patients greater options of non-invasive and surgical spine treatments. 


In 2006, Spine Colorado moved to the new Three Springs Campus next to Mercy Regional Medical Center. In collaboration with Mercy, the Spine Center of Excellence was also launched to provide comprehensive holistic care to surgical spine patients. 


Amidst continued demand for quality spine care, we’ve increased our staff size and added locations in Durango, CO, Montrose, CO, and Albuquerque, NM.


Over the years, we’ve taken pride in accurate diagnosis, evidence-based medicine, non-surgical conservative care, and advanced surgical techniques. To this day, Spine Colorado remains unmatched in the Four Corners region in helping patients restore spine health and in turn, adding freedom and enjoyment to their lives.  

Mentoring the next generation of medical professionals.

We are proud to be a part of training new professionals entering the field of medicine. We routinely host orthopedic residents and students in medical school, high school, physician assistant programs, and medical assistant programs.

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