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Research: Our Route to Optimal Care

At Spine Colorado, our dedication to research is two-fold:


  1. To keep our practice current, regarding the latest methods, techniques, and innovations.

  2. To play our part in contributing to further advancements. 


In 2000, we developed a research department that’s written and contributed to publications, and managed both clinical trials and in-house studies.


Many of the studies we are involved with can be found by searching “Spine Colorado” at and

The American Spine Registry


Being part of the American Spine Registry helps us continuously improve our patients’ care by comparing and contrasting their experiences to nationwide feedback. The registry relies on Patient-Reported Outcome Measures, which focus on patients’ quality of life specifically related to their spine health. 


As a patient, you may be asked to voluntarily complete surveys from time to time. Your answers help us continue to improve our care and we appreciate your time and feedback.

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